Chapter 25: A Bridge Too Far

Jeremy: What’s wrong?

Tae Kyung: What happened? Who screamed and woke me up?

Jeremy: Shin Hye…Mi Nam, why are you both sleeping here?

Tae Kyung: Where’s Shin Woo?

Shin Hye: That’s why I screamed. When I opened my eyes, I saw Shin Woo’s photo by the bedside and then it was too late when I realized that I must have sleepwalked to Shin Woo’s room. By then I woke the entire household already. Sorry guys. I forgot to tell you that I tend to sleepwalk at times.

Tae Kyung: It doesn’t explain why Mi Nam’s here.

Shin Hye: Yeah. Why are you here? Not that I mind waking up beside you. It’s much better than waking up beside Shin Woo.

Jeremy: I thought you’re sleeping in Tae Kyung’s room?

Shin Woo: Hey, what’s everybody doing here?

Jeremy: Shin Hye sleepwalked and ended up sleeping in your room, then screamed when she saw your photo after she woke up. So, everyone came here, but still it doesn’t explain why Mi Nam is here.

Shin Woo: I see. We arrived late last night and with Geun Seuk still recuperating at the hospital, I thought that Mi Nam can sleep here so as not to disturb Tae Kyung.

Tae Kyung: How convenient.

Shin Hye: What did you say?

Tae Kyung: I said I’m going back to my room.

Shin Hye: Again, sorry guys. To sort of compensate for the trouble I caused this morning, why don’t I just make breakfast for everyone. See you all downstairs.

Jeremy: Wait for me! I’ll help you!

Mi Nam: Uhmm…I’ll just go to Tae Kyung’s room and get my things.

Shin Woo: Okay. No need to hurry. I need to discuss something with Tae Kyung, anyway.

Tae Kyung: So, what do you want to talk to me about that you don’t want her to hear?

Shin Woo: Earlier, when I told them that Mi Nam slept here. She slept here alone. I stayed at the nearest hotel, so I hope you don’t misunderstand anything.

Tae Kyung: Who says I misunderstood?

Shin Woo: I think you did based on…

Tae Kyung: This talk is finished. I need to get back to my room and sleep.

Shin Woo: Okay, if you say so. I just thought I’d let you know so that there’s no “additional” misunderstanding between the two of you.

Tae Kyung: Wait. What? What has she been telling you?

Shin Woo: That’s the problem she’s not telling me anything. I just know because she went to see her Mother Superior at the convent. If you remember the last time she felt troubled, she went out to see her.

Tae Kyung: Is that so?

Shin Woo: Yes. I don’t know what caused your conflict but as a friend, I would advise you to talk it out with her. You know how she is. She would just bottle up everything inside. Just think about it, okay.

Tae Kyung: Fine. Whatever.

Taking a deep breath to contain his pent up mixed up emotions, Tae Kyung headed for his room and forgot that Mi Nyu was there. He caught her packing up her things but she was too busy that she didn’t notice as he came into the room. He sat up by his bed and observed her. She was packing then unpacking and shaking her head. then repeating it all over again. “Should I stay or should I go?”, was all he could hear from her as she goes through the motions of unpacking and repacking her things. Watching her baffled state, he can’t help but be amused once again by her messed up ways. He reminisced all those times he scolded her and she just accepts everything and acted more awkwardly as a result.  Thinking she heard some noise, Mi Nyu turned around and found Tae Kyung seated on the bed looking at her. Talk about awkward. “What to do?”, she muttered to herself. Tae Kyung was at a lost for words, too. He kept wondering, what was he thinking remaining seated? Should he go or stay? Damn, now he’s acting like her.

Mi Nyu: Oh! I thought you’re having breakfast downstairs. I won’t take long. I’m almost finished packing up my things.

Tae Kyung: Oh! …

Shin Hye: Hey guys! What’s taking you so long? Breakfast is ready!

Tae Kyung: Thanks. I’m going down now.

Tae Kyung was just glad for the very first time when Shin Hye interrupted them. On the way down, he kept on wondering why he was feeling so guilty when it was Mi Nyu who asked him to stop the car for her to stepped out of it. Sure, he drove away but he didn’t worry that much knowing that Mi Nyu will be contacting Jeremy to pick her up but then it turned out differently. Since when did Mi Nyu learn to lie towards him? This just totally drives him crazy! Everything seems so out of place, what else could go wrong? Then something did go wrong. He was still in deep thought going down the stairs just following Shin Hye behind when all of a sudden Shin Hye shifted back then turned around carelessly. They bumped into each other’s head with Shin Hye trying to regain her balance. Luckily his reflexes kicked in and he caught her fast enough before she hits her head at the flight of stairs. Then he saw Jeremy’s startled look.

Jeremy: Hyung, why are you kissing her?


5 thoughts on “Chapter 25: A Bridge Too Far

  1. Hi, as a diehard YAB fan (and of your fanfic); am still hoping for further development of this story. Dare we hope for any, soon, and completion. Hehe

  2. well i finished reading your fanfic and realized that its been posted 3 years ago
    its amazing one hope you can end it one day
    ill wait for an update (i hope since your active in twitter )

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