First Impressions

I’m making up a bit for my lack of posts these past few days, so bear with me. This will be quite a long one.

To start off, I want to talk about Athena. I’ve seen the trailer, it was just WOW! I was never a big fan of IRIS ‘cause I’m cringing at the sight of Kim Tae Hee trying to act, so I fast forwarded to other scenes like those with Kim So Yeon in it. 😛

Let me count the ways why I was totally in awe of Athena’s teaser.

  1. Jung Woo Sung, Cha Seung Won and Su Ae are just perfect! Lee Ji Ah, I’m giving you a chance to make me like you. Hahaha!
  2. Props to Choi Siwon’s spin kick or whatever you call it. Again, Choi Siwon scenes as he emerges from the waters!
  3. It has that movie-like appeal to it that’s just so engaging and breathtaking!

If you don’t take my word for it, then you’ve just got to see this…

Oh, and let’s not forget this absolutely wonderful OST and MV!

Next, let’s move on to the dramas that premiered recently.


A drama with the premise similar to the X-Files but occurring in Joseon history is quite interesting enough for me to watch it. Then add Kim Ji Hoon to the mix and I’m sold. Again, I don’t watch sageuk but draws the line to some exceptions to my KDrama-watching rule. Since this was sort of sci-fi and I just love sci-fi, I’m ruling this one in as the 2nd sageuk in my KDrama-watch list.

I usually gauge if I’m going to continue watching a drama by the first 10-15 minutes of it’s first episode. It’s quite a harsh measure but 90% of the time it never failed me when I go by that rule. Truth to tell, the first few minutes of it was just enough to keep me intrigued.

A man was supposed to be executed for creating rumors about some unexplained phenomena when a huge flying object appears hovering above them in the light of day. Whatever happened next was accounted for by the report being narrated by the Governor who witnessed said occurrence but later on as we’ll find out the report has been dismissed (well, sort of until they can find a guy who can assist them in this cover-up). So, this is where Kim Ji Hoon’s character Kim Hyung Do comes in. Currently, we see him working on a case in the guise of a gambler who in just a short period of time was able to unravel the cheating done by one of the petty offenders. Here, we’re given a glimpse of how he works. He’s thorough and sure of himself but without appearing too cocky or arrogant. After resolving this issue, he was immediately assigned another case and this is where the complexities begin.

What I like about this one is we’re given adequate hints of ambiguities here and there that sustains our pursuit to know more about the mysteries and secrets within this sci-fi sort of whodunit world of the Joseon X-Files.

Here’s a bit of the teaser to clue you in on what I’m talking about.

Take a peek as well on their cool opening credits.


Yep, it’s another sageuk. I must be crazy, right? Who would have known that I’d be watching 2 period dramas in a week? I adored You’re Beautiful, that’s why I guess I was drawn to Sungkyunkwan Scandal.  What makes it more interesting is that it’s kind of really hard to pretend to be a guy  during a time when only men rule and women were treated as second class citizens.

The opening credits is simple yet just as beautiful as its casts.

Per my 10-15 minute rule, this drama is worth watching. Note that I’m no fan of Yoo Chun nor any of the rest of the casts so I can objectively say that so far it’s satisfactory.  I’m pleased with how most of the main casts portray their roles. Yep, you read it right,  meaning I’m not feeling Yoo Chun’s Sun Joon’s characterization. Crucify me if you want to but that’s my opinion and this is my blog after all. I find him so wooden though much better than Kim Hyun Joong (but that’s another story) in the acting department. Okay, some would say that it’s what his righteous character dictates but I don’t see it anywhere that righteous is synonymous to boring. Let me give you some examples of what righteous should be that’s not wooden acting: Jung Kyung Ho in Smile, You; Kang Ji Hwan in Hong Gil Dong and if you want an idol I give you Choi Si Won in Oh! My Lady. Enough said, I’ll give him a chance to prove me wrong since it’s still too early in the drama. Who knows I may end up adoring him?

It’s obvious that Sun Joon and Yoon Hee is the OTP but I’m still hoping for Yoon Hee ending up with Yong Ha. Something kinda like Dawson’s Creek wherein though Dawson is the main lead, Joey ended up with Pacey. The first time I saw Yoon Hee and Yong Ha together in the first few minutes watching through the drama I instantly love them. I like how mischievous and flirty Yong Ha is towards Yoon Hee (OMG! That wink will just make your day!). I adore how Yoon Hee’s a strong character, a fighter who actually thinks before she acts.  Last but not least, the weird (Jae Shin) among the good (Sun Joon) and the bad (Yong Ha), despite having very few scenes managed to get my attention and I guess everyone’s attention as well judging from the reactions in the forums. He’s your rude carefree knight in a less shimmery armor.

Sageuk is not complete without some political theme. I bet it will be considerably fascinating, amusing and engrossing on how politics will be interwoven in the lives of these 4 individuals and that’s what will keep the ball rolling as much as the love story in this drama.

Now, you be the judge if you’d consider watching or waiting this one out.


Allow me to let you view this 9 minute preview first, so that you’ll know exactly what I’ll be ranting about later on.

5 minutes into the first episode I was already sleepy. Dare I continue? In the name of what’s just and boring, I’ll give it another go. So there goes another dragging 5 minutes wasted and so on and so forth until I finally reach the end of Episode 1. I’m so amazed on how they destroyed a perfectly good and cute story. The beginning was so fake, the mid even more so and what’s with the ending credits imitating the teddy bear closing credits of Goong? I can’t put into so much words how disappointed I am with this remake. It was trying too hard to be outrageously cute like how teen-themed JDramas are (think Hana Kimi JDrama version). What’s worse is that I didn’t even bothered to watch it with subs which goes to show how disinteresting it was. I had high hopes for Jung So Min but I guess being awkward and contrived has gone viral along with Kim Hyun Joong. It’s a no-brainer why the ratings sucked! ‘Cause it’s crap. So let cursing me begin. All I can say is if you want high praises for this drama, go make your own blog and write on it. Hahaha! 🙂

cr: siwoo0407, goyumcha, nongjoe2528, snowwhitekibum, mickytoho2, NieveEnPrimavera @ YT


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