To Anyone

This post has nothing to do with a KDrama, even so I just can’t help but make some comments about it. Why? No need to ask, the heading says it all…2NE1. I must say that though my blog is mostly about dramas…I can’t hold back from saying that 2NE1 is a drama on its own. 🙂

I was so ecstatic with their comeback to the music scene. They’re absolutely not just your run of the mill KPOP girl group (Sorry, no offense to the others). They have this charm, excitement and energy about them that wanna makes you not only listen but sing and dance along, too! With the recent crop of girl groups out there, they’re the only girl group that exudes that allure without having to show off a lot of skin. To describe them in a few words, I would say, AWESOME was conceived together with 2NE1. Continue reading


First Impressions

I’m making up a bit for my lack of posts these past few days, so bear with me. This will be quite a long one.

To start off, I want to talk about Athena. I’ve seen the trailer, it was just WOW! I was never a big fan of IRIS ‘cause I’m cringing at the sight of Kim Tae Hee trying to act, so I fast forwarded to other scenes like those with Kim So Yeon in it. 😛

Let me count the ways why I was totally in awe of Athena’s teaser.

  1. Jung Woo Sung, Cha Seung Won and Su Ae are just perfect! Lee Ji Ah, I’m giving you a chance to make me like you. Hahaha!
  2. Props to Choi Siwon’s spin kick or whatever you call it. Again, Choi Siwon scenes as he emerges from the waters!
  3. It has that movie-like appeal to it that’s just so engaging and breathtaking!

If you don’t take my word for it, then you’ve just got to see this… Continue reading