In Passing…

Just some quick updates.

Luckily, due to my frustration earlier in the day at work, tonight, I was able to come up with a Chapter 23 to my YB fanfic. It’s quite ironic that inspiration comes in the most unlikely emotions. 😀

Chapter 23: When The Going Gets Tough…


On another note, already saw the Playful Kiss teaser but still having doubts about KHJ’s portrayal of Naoki (Itazura Na Kiss) / Zhi Shu (It Started with a Kiss) character. I hope that the the teaser is not included in the drama itself and serves only its purpose as that, a teaser to make the fans excited and anticipate watching the drama OR as what others may say, it could be a dream sequence (cliche) but let’s hope that it is because seeing the way KHJ smiled, it doesn’t come off as cold, indifferent intellectual snob but more like a friendly easy-going person which his character isn’t by a long shot. As for JSM, I’m totally feeling her in Xiang Qin’s and Kotoko’s shoes…and in case you’re wondering, I’ve seen both Taiwanese and Japanese versions.

Now, see and judge for yourself.

It seems KDramas are fond of Taiwanese/Japanese drama remakes. I wonder what’s next? Hana Kimi, anyone?


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