A Few Words…

So stressed at work. Who isn’t anyway, right? So, I guess the stress resulted in the ability of finally being able to get to typing the continuation of my YB fanfic. 🙂

Chapter 22: Sense Without Sensibility

Just some additional news, in case you haven’t heard yet Prosecutor Princess has already released a Director’s Cut DVD Set! Yipeee! I would suggest that you get it while it’s still on pre-order ’cause it’s cheaper by at least $24.  I so like the packaging ’cause it’s so cute and it contains a lot of stuff too.

  • Deluxe Princess Case
  • Stickers
  • Card Wallet
  • Over 7 Hours of Special Features:
    – Commentary (128 min)
    – Making Of (53 min)
    – Deleted Scenes (40 min)
    – Interviews with Kim So Yeon, Park Si Hoo, Han Jung Soo, Director Jin Hyuk (136 min)
    – Outtakes (40 min)
    – Camera Test (7 min)
    – Music Video (10 min)
    – Press Conference, Script Reading, Poster Shoot (33 min)
  • Cr: YesAsia

    Me? I’m getting one of course! I’m not a KDrama fan for nothing! Hahaha!

    I began the year with getting my You’re Beautiful D-Cut, now Prosecutor Princess and hopefully by end of the year, keeping my fingers crossed a Coffee House D-Cut, if there’s one. Surely, it would make this year complete if Coffee House would also release it’s own Director’s Cut. 😀

    Speaking of Coffee House, I’m still going to push through with the second part of my thoughts about the finale plus who knows some polls to keep us entertained before I head off to probably a 2-3 week hiatus again. Yep, it’s all about work (lots of it, I’m guessing) so no need to be envious. Then, if I get stressed again I might come up with the energy to add up a few more chapters to the YB fanfic.

    Right now, I’m gonna leave with you with this fanvid done for Princess Hours using the same song. It’s got that playful fun vibe to it.

    cr: qtbeautygirl@YT


    One thought on “A Few Words…

    1. Ye. Finally a continuation. A birthday gift for me, the date u posted. Thank you. I understand work pressure. Can we hope for faster updates. Haha. I luk forward for ‘smile u’ DVD.

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