Coffee House: The Final Voyage of the EunSoo Ship (Part I)

I’m still relishing on this bittersweet moment of my kdrama life. Kdrama gods do listen to the prayers of us mere kdrama mortals. How I just love feel good happy endings! 🙂

It took me almost by the end of the week to put into words how I felt of the finale of this charmingly demented drama, that is, Coffee House.

Here it goes…

When the EunSoo ship passed by Cuckoo Island, it had been badly damaged that it held off some time while repairs were carried out with the help of a pro shipwright by the name of SY before it can eventually take off the island for its final voyage back home to the CH empire.

My oh my! What a crazy troubled trip it has been! The entire journey was a chockfull of ambiguity that you’d probably need a therapist to assure you that it’s just a drama and doesn’t happen in real life…or does it?

First off, I was so excited watching the scene where it left off in EP16. Yeah, we already know what JS said to JW in that phone call, but did not mind having to repeat watching it. I liked the way how confident JS sounded this time when he was talking to JW that whatever happy expression JW had was soon  wiped away by worry and why not, right? JW sure had a lot to worry about.

In not so many words, JS might have just told him…

“Dude, your luck has finally run out. Prepare to meet your doom. ” 😛

Sure I’m feeling ecstatic ’cause it’s about time too that JS has finally grown some backbone chutzpah to fight for EY. Hooray!

But wait, that’s just one obstacle out of the way, JS still has this colossal undertaking to go through, namely EY herself…and what do you know? The woman isn’t budging at all.

          Not even when JS confronted EY at her house…

JS went to EY’s office but she’s not there. He called EY’s phone but no one’s answering. So what’s left for JS to do but go to EY’s house aka Ahjumma Central. There JS went on with his litany of protecting EY’s happiness to which EY responded that she too has something to protect which basically makes them even.

Even if EY had to avoid literally crossing paths with JS…

It was a lovely day to go for a walk and chance upon the love of your life but then EY had to walk away so as not to be reminded of why she has to choose JS over JW but as fate has it, it rained. EY had to go run somewhere for cover and luckily a phone booth was just at the right place at the right time. Coincidence much? I would have been so freaking happy if JS turned up with an umbrella and kissed her but I guess the PD and writer has something much more awesome in store for us. Okay, I bow down to you almighty PD and writer, I’m risking my sanity here so you better wise up soon.

Not even when EY got sick the night before her wedding…

Oh yes! EY got sick the night before her less desired wedding. Should I be rejoicing already? Nah, ’cause here comes Dr. JS to the rescue of ailing EY. Run that by me again? JS doctor of EY? If the scene hadn’t been so dead serious, I might have thought it was EY’s delirious state that led to a dream that conjured JS to appear as her doctor. If the PD and writer demi-gods says so and so it shall be, I guess. Okay, I’m so trying so much to stretch what little logic has been left in this drama, so I’m assuming that perhaps during those years that JS disappeared he was actually doing some charity work as a doctor in who knows where. With that in mind, I’m now re-assured that EY’s well-being is in capable hands. EY awakens and chides JS. What else is new? JS, the  crap, the trash and the jerk to sum it up is the cause of all the conflict in this deranged world that we’re all currently sucked into. JS then chastises her back with the snatch the bride scenario. I love their talk by her bedside despite all the half-truths in it.

So basically that’s 3 strikes already for JS. Does that mean JS is out? Of course not! Leave it to JS to have something really big up his sleeve. Like we don’t know yet what that is with all the spoiler vids running around the net.

But before we proceed to that, let me just point out something that struck me about SY. There’s this scene wherein SY was sticking on some stickers where Galapagos was located in the globe. What caught my attention was this scene clearly shows us what SY’s priority is at the moment…and it’s not love. It’s her dream of becoming a writer and one step to that dream becoming a reality is setting foot to Galapagos island. This reminded me of a similar instance where EY was placing a sticker in JS poster in her office. There we’re given a glimpse of EY’s longing/pining for JS yet shown before us in a light-hearted manner.

Enough of that, we’re now at the day of the most talked about wedding in forum history. SY wants to attend the wedding but JS distracts her with returning her notebook with all of his notes in it and instructs SY to go over it instead. Guess JS has some shame left in him that he doesn’t want his one and only disciple to witness whatever he’s planned to do at the wedding. Good for you, JS. You’re finally becoming one of us mortals.

What’s up with EY? She looks like…well, I don’t want to talk about it as opposed to how smug and happy JW is at the moment. Key word there people…at the moment… ’cause here comes JS!



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