Cuckoo House: The Day When the Ship Almost Sank

I’ve been delaying writing this post for sometime already. It must have been the lingering effects of EP15 that followed me all through Nirvana Land.

EP15 was like a huge earthquake that rocked EunSoo Land causing huge waves across the EunSoo waters almost enough to have sunk the EunSoo ship. Aftershocks of which were felt across the CH empire causing havoc to devoted EunSoo citizens, among those of which I admit includes yours truly.

I was agitated alright and just had to air my less than desirable probably nasty remarks like…

I was so irritated at her for doing that! She told DW that she’s dating JS and even showing off the ring. What was she thinking?

Oh and the writer and PD sure know how to do fan service. JS/EY had 2 kisses so JS/SY had 2 kisses as well. Duh?

Anyways, JS/EY’s were the real KISS.

I’m so not liking the direction where SY’s character is going.

I hope tomorrow will be more of a JS/EY episode since today was more JS/SY. I think they’re still balancing out the episodes to rake in the ratings.

Oh, I tried to be calm. Thank goodness there was work (in the form of a pressing deadline) that helped me overcome this frustration over the current developments to a fictional couple that I so dearly adore. Finishing the work equated to a hushed me. Alas, I thought this was Nirvana. Okay, as the case maybe…delusional Nirvana. So, I went ahead and voiced my opinion once again in a somewhat objective demeanor…

Many are disliking this episode because as what clock, a fellow soompier said, this episode was more on fluff instead of really showing us the more important side of the JS/EY story …like their back story (who liked who first, what did really happen to JS & Hs that made JS the way he was until EP12, what triggered the change in JS in EP13, etc…). In short, there are still many loose ends and there’s just so very few episodes left to show these loose ends resolved plausibly. Plus, EY and SY’s characters were sort of shortchanged in a way. EY’s character seemed to have gotten weaker while SY’s character which supposed to have matured became childish again. The shipping is the least of all the concerns now from the way I see it (Nirvana POV) ’cause for me to really tie up those loose ends should be the main priority now.

I thought that was the end of it. Adios EP15 and slept. Following day came and worked as usual but some disturbing thoughts kept on nagging me again. I gave in by the afternoon and ranted my way from Nirvana Land…

EP15 was like the filler of all filler episodes. The only important scene for me there was JW somehow having a clue regarding the reason why JS returned.

Because we all know how much of a jerk JW is (Perhaps second only to JS…JS with the way he is now is still top jerk for me…hahaha), the writer wanted to justify one of the other reasons of EY’s decision of choosing JW by showing us a little of JW’s parents relationship with EY and how content (Note, I did not mention happy….happy is the Nirvana state I’m in right now) she seems to look. But needless to say, I still don’t buy it. I dislike how they made EY’s character weak by her settling for less in the form of marrying JW. True, JW’s parents are good to her and she’s comfortable with predictable JW but come on does she actually see JW becoming a good father (if ever to their kids) when he’s barely a grownup himself? Duh? I wouldn’t even wish it for my enemy to marry someone like JW. Yeah, I know I’m being too harsh. But this is EY we’re speaking of. She “used to be” a smart independent woman but now she’s depending on JW to make her life content? Again, another duh? Sure, others may say that her sticking with her decision is being strong but I beg to differ….EY sticking to her decision of marrying JW has nothing to do with her strength to stand by her decision…it’s again all about PRIDE. JW broke their engagement before so why can’t she be the one to break it this time around? Just because she had a failed engagement before so she doesn’t want to add another failed engagement to her list of failures?

Now, let’s go to SY. As if it wasn’t enough that the writers shortchanged EY, they’ve managed to screw up SY’s short-lived maturity by making her act so childish again. Note, childish is so way different with childlike in my books. Childish is being foolish, immature whereas childlike is being naive, so it’s not anywhere near childlike to go out drinking, much less getting drunk and doing all sorts of idiotic behavior you’ll regret the following day. I worry that others find it cute. It’s cute because it’s EunJung who plays SY but I doubt cute will factor in if another actress portrays SY. Or how about we turn the tables and look at it this way…what if JS did not get there and it happens that with SY’s drunken state she mistakes JW as JS (oops) and goes to kiss JW…that would be gross and so not with the cute anymore. Again, the point here is SY’s character has retrograded same as what they’ve done with EY’s. So, I can’t help but sigh because I like the SY that sort of looked mature and pro at the beginning of EP13.

Let’s not forget the cause of the ship wars, JS. Of course, the writer did a number on his character too. The somehow confident JS that we saw in EP13 suddenly took a vacation in ostrich land starting EP14. Fine, he’s decided to be a friend to EY after seeing how content EY must have looked with her future in-laws but then isn’t it his duty as a friend to talk EY into realization of the impending huge mistake that she’s going to make in her life? Or, let’s be honest about it, how about just a simple “I love you. Don’t marry him. Marry me instead” statement from JS would have sufficed into making EY really think hard about her decision. But instead, the writers made him much more of a coward than he was before in earlier episodes. What’s with the hesitation of giving JW the ring that JW lost which JS found and then later on telling JW to take care of EY. Triple Duh! Give me a break! Are you serious, JS? You’re telling JW who lost a thing, to take care of a person you love when he couldn’t even take care of not losing a ring or even had the care to find it with a little bit of effort?

It seems from Coffee House…it went to being Coffee Lies and now it became Cuckoo House!

I’m so in Nirvana right now, I can finally laugh it all out! 😀 😀 😀

By EP16, it’s a miracle…I can already take in the JS/SY scenes because somewhere along the way to Nirvana Land made me realize there’s gonna be a silver lining ahead. So true, by the end of EP16,  I was at peace and slept soundly that night as I envision the EunSoo ship strongly sailing across the troubled waters setting course back to the CH empire.

Yes, this must truly be Nirvana!


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