Some Coffee House Finale Fun…

As Coffee House draws to a close next week…finally, I have prepared something to somehow tide away all the anxieties that goes with it.

I’ve decided on another poll to let you guys choose at least the end pairing that you think may eventually materialize at the culmination of this crazy drama. You can select one or a combination of any three of the choices provided.

Have fun!

And since it’s my birthday today (plus I’m still in Nirvana), as an added bonus for those who love to stretch their imagination, one person will have the chance to own a Coffee House souvenir to cherish and serve as sort of a remembrance of how obsessed we were with this drama. An original Coffee House OST complete with Photobook + 4 Photos will be up for grabs for that person who’ll come up with the nearest concept of what the finale would be like. You can post your entries in the comments section. Deadline will be July 27 12:00AM US PDT.


7 thoughts on “Some Coffee House Finale Fun…

  1. I’ve loved reading your thoughts on CH so far and I will be very sad indeed when this drama ends. No drama has yet brought out my inner fangirl so its a pretty huge deal. 🙂

    Anyways as a JS/EY shipper I do believe they will end up together in the end especially judging from the ending of ep16. Also ever since JW found out about JS’s purpose of returning to Korea I believe his knowledge that EY would be happier with JS has produced some form of guilt (evident in the looks he gives JS and EY at his bday party). He’ll probably be the one to cancel the wedding although he won’t give up easily without a fight. That’s where JS comes in and (finally!) confesses his true feelings and takes a stand.
    As for SY she’ll continue her career and continue to escalate up the ranks to become a successful author, possibly with the help of JS. She’ll go on a first proper dinner date with DW to appease him (seeing as she has no feelings for him now) and they’ll become friends although whether romace will enter the picture is left up to the audience.
    And JW will escape to another country to get away from it all :D.

    That’s what I think will happen although i hope AT LEAST EY and JS live happily together. Please don’t disappoint me, Coffee House!

  2. my EunSoo tainted eyes tell me that the show will end something like this:

    1. SY will be given due recognition by the station for bringing JS to the station. She will have her raise in terms of salary. then she recalls how JS told her to become a writer and how she needs to go to galapagos if she wants to write the novel. SY will then decide to quit her job at the station, and leave for galapagos to start on her novel.
    2. JW who will try his hardest to hold on to EY will no longer turn a blind eye and will accept the sad truth that EY does not really love him and he will learn to let go at the very last minute. Afterwards, he will be hiring a lot of female workers, hahaha.
    3. JS will finally tell EY he loves her when he goes to her house via the delivery man costume. However, EY will still remain her ground and cries instead to tell him, she needs to proceed with the marriage. EY will assure JS he will always be close to her heart, hehehe.
    4. JS will try to retreat after EY turns him down but changes his mind, and stop the wedding at all costs.
    5. JS and EY will ultimately end up with each other. And for the remaining of the last minutes of Episode 18, we will be treated to happy EunSoo moments – third kiss + bedscene included, hehehe.

  3. Hope I’m not too late. Here’s my guess for the ending.

    – EY sticks to her decision to marry JW even after JS says ILY
    – JS decides to leave Korea for good
    – JS gives SY a ticket to Galapagos island
    – JW talks to EY and lets her go
    – EY rushes to JS but finds JS has gone.
    – EY calls JS phone…no answer…so she calls SY
    – SY tells her that JS went by her family’s coffee shop and gave her a ticket to Galapagos island
    – Upon knowing this, EY rushes to go to the airport
    – EY finally finds JS among the crowd in the airport…
    – SY just retuned to Korea after researching for her 2nd book
    – SY got trapped in traffic and gets out of the car
    – SY comes across a coffee shop and meets a dorky looking guy
    – JS/EY with a child are dressed to go to a wedding…
    – …JW’s wedding. He’s finally getting married to his secretary
    – DW getting busy at work to launch a book for a new writer, meets the new writer for the first time and falls love at first sight with her.
    – THE END

    I think I got to carried away! At least that was how the ending played in my mind.

  4. hahaha, crazy girl, i like your ending! but, i don’t want another time jump. they just have to end it with the kiss and the bedscene. hehehe.

  5. woahh, i was too late!
    only three entries?
    looking at the posts, i think the closest to the ending would be that posted by yenskay — lol, third kiss and bedscene, target!
    congrats to yenskay then! i would have loved to get that ost, huhuhu

  6. Dear Mina,

    I got the CH OST today!

    Thanks so much for this gift. I will always treasure this — it has made Coffee House so much more memorable.

    More power to you and your blog! God bless!

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