Crazy Over Coffee …

I don’t know why but I was so hesitant watching EP14 with subs probably because watching it raw was already heartbreaking and now having seen it with the subs makes it even more so. :( :tears:

Start rant…

– When the ring fell, my heart almost stopped beating. For me it felt like the ring was doing an emotional outburst in behalf of what JS felt when he saw EY in a wedding dress. It’s as if it’s calling out to EY that he’s back for her.

– Oh and the convo when JS was unzipping EY had a lot of underlying message there. She maybe talking about JW but what she’s saying was actually directed to JS all throughout.

..I told him to wait…I wanted him to give up but he really stuck it out (She actually means that she wished JS could have told her to wait for him and she will gladly oblige. She hoped that JS did not leave and stuck it out with her amidst his so called “illness”.)

…I thought I would get a right match by the 50th time but after 70, I got anxious. You know he’s really stubborn (Meaning at some point, she’s still halfway positive that he’ll return for her but then as time went by although it was not easy for her, she sort of accepted that maybe JS won’t be back after all because JS doesn’t want to allow her to be part of his life.)

…Using all my willpower to get through these 100 times but whilst I was just watching myself from the sidelines, I was getting old…What can I do about that foolish man? (Means, she was just going through all the motions of living yet not living but still getting old and that was the time that she made a decision to try really hard to forget him because it will be too foolish of her to hold onto him)

– Now when they went out for dinner. It was such another heart wrenching moment. The way JS just ate and ate it’s like he’s keeping himself busy so that EY won’t be able to read what’s on his mind and so that he won’t be tempted to say anything (express his feelings) to EY.

– The convo JS & EY had while walking and in the car shows us again that JS did not change after all. On the outside he might look like he changed but really he didn’t. He’s still the old JS saying to EY what he thinks EY needs to hear from him. In short, he’s still making the decisions again for her and again, same as before hurting EY all over again in the process. How mean is that when he’s showing her that he already drives and will use a cell phone…all after saying that he’s intending to get engaged to a girl he met at a bar. It’s so hurtful for EY who’s been with him, loved him through all those years and still loving him up to now to hear that some random girl managed to sort of “cure” JS. It’s short of telling her in the face that he doesn’t love her enough to change for her.

– I’m so liking the idea of DW being the partner of EY for the book cafe. Maybe he’s gonna use this partnership to help out SY become a real writer and publish a book. I’m thinking probably he would be suggesting something like sponsoring a new writer to promote the new book cafe. Hmmm…I remembered there was something in his smile when he heard over the radio that SY was a writer for that radio station.

– Now SY, I’m kinda disappointed in her because she’s supposed to have learned a thing or two about his mentor (JS) but then she immediately agreed to be JS’ fake girlfriend. She should have learned her lesson already with JS. JS once told her that if someone does something unexpectedly there’s an underlying reason for it. JS already vehemently told her no interview and after just ending one phone call asked her to be the fake girlfriend in exchange for the interview. She should have suspected that there’s something fishy going on for him to go back at his word of no interview to suddenly agree to one. But she continued to go along with JS script even after seeing that JS plan was a show for JW and EY. However, I’m going to let it slide because she somehow redeemed herself later in the episode when she picked up the reason after some thought (although a bit late) and regretted of going along with JS plan.

– How absurd and crass was JW! He’s downgrading SY when he himself doesn’t even deserve respect after his perverted earlier convo with JS.

– Outside the restaurant, it was another JS “the jerk” let’s hurt EY round 2 convo. I can’t help but really be madly frustrated at JS. He said before that he wanted to leave the past and he can’t because EY is part of it. Hello, so is SY! Again, it’s like saying in EY’s face I can bear with the past if I’m with SY but not with you. Argh.

– Last but not least the ever controversial #1 truth or #2 lie. I do understand why EY told JS to lie ’cause EY knows that JS is a very private person and don’t want anything publicized over the radio. So I’m still sticking with my assumption that JS will lie and say that he’s returned to write a new book. Heck, he can even say he’s come back to mentor SY as a book writer for all I care.

….End rant.

I know my post was too long but I had to get that off my chest. Hahaha!

It even took me 2 hours to watch this episode with the subs, not because I had a slow connection nor was viikii acting up but rather because everything (well, almost everything) was so hard to take in I’m short on becoming so paranoid. :crazy: :wacko:


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