Coffee House: A Poll

Just 2 days more and it’s EP11 already. I wonder what’s in store for us then. I read the previews and so not liking it. It seems that with the coming 2 episodes I’m going to miss the light-hearted interaction between JS and EY. For me, the best episodes so far is still 8 with 9 coming on a very close second.

Speaking of episodes, I’ve come up with a poll on what’s the best Coffee House episode/s so far. Originally, I only included episode 5 onwards because it was on that episode where things really got interesting for me. However, decided to encompass all the episodes. You can select as many as you want if you’re favoring many episodes. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Coffee House: A Poll

  1. why dont we hv all the eps for the poll???

    I absolutely love all the eps. If I rembr Ep 2 was the most funniest…it totally got me into watching this drama. i hv seen it soo many times. so ep 2 was my fav

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