More Coffee, Please?

After so much anticipation, I was glued in to my laptop watching Coffee House episodes 9-10 live streaming without subs. I kind of expected already that awkwardness in EP9 but I never saw it comingthatJS would sprint to actually see for himself that EY has already returned safe and sound simply because of how awful their rooftop conversation ended. I’d say if you don’t love somebody why rush to see her immediately. There’s always the mobile phone to keep you in touch right away with people, you know.

However, the sprint was nothing compared to his expression immediately right after he caught sight of her. Much more when EY was about to open the door to go out of the meeting room, it was just priceless!

It was a very moving and meaningful scene. No words need to be exchanged. No over-the-top interaction. Just amazing acting!

Aside from that, what captured my attention was the domino scene.

Whenever something’s bothering him, he retreats to tinkering with his dominos which I categorize as one of his disappearing acts. Why disappearing act? Mainly, because although he’s physically present, his mind is detached from reality and is focused on gaining that lost control in that little domino world he creates.

However, it’s quite ironic that while other scenes involving how his neatly arrangeddominos were shattered by someone (first unintentionally by SY and 2nd intentionally by SY upon the prodding of EY), this time around in EP9 he was the one that accidentally destroyed that domino tower.

Perhaps, you’re asking what’s the importance of these domino scenes? It simply conveys that JS defenses against showing his feelings for EY which he worked hard to build over the years has gone crumbling down.


  • First, he hired SY as assistant as a favor from an acquaintance (DS) which shows us that he actually is capable of magnanimity although not intentionally because it was all about returning a favor for that person (DS). Hence, hiring SY really was unintentional if not for DS’ request. This is an evidence in a crack on his EY defenses brought about through unintentionally letting someone (SY) into his life by granting the request of an acquaintance who’s not even that close to him very much like how an external force (SY) mistakenly wrecked the dominos when she stepped inside his apartment.

  • Second, although, EY did not directly tell him to do the pranks that he pulled off to JW, EY sort of indirectly nudged him through that direction just by showing how distraught she was that JW has returnedresulting to his intentional action which were the pranks that he did towards JW (sending JW to far away Daegwallyeongand stalker fabrication). Again, this manifests as another breach on his wall of defenses against EY simply because eventhough he did that, he carried it out because EY’s upset over JW. Similarly, it’s like SY (JS doing the pranks) intentionally wrecking the dominosthat JS setup (breach on JS’ defenses) because EY (EY’s upset behavior over JW’s return) told her to do so.


  • Third, when JS kissed EY back in the phone booth and when he was overly concerned when EY went missing for a couple of days that was the final blow that wrecked his tall tower of defenses because he brought it on all by himself when his defense mechanism went on A**HOLE mode on EY. So, it’s like in manner when he himself inadvertently ruined the domino tower he was building upon recalling the similarity of the VM message that he left for EY with that of his ex-wife.

Wow, EP10. I really can’t describe it in so many words. It was a mess for me….very much like probably the same mess that’s going on JS mind. One thing’s for sure though, I’m glad that he cut ties with both EY and SY. During his alone time, in contrast to what others say, I don’t wish him to grow a brain ‘cause he’s already got that…too much it seems that it’s entirely taken over his heart. Instead, I wouldn’t even mind a time leap as long as he grows a true heart, something that’s not afraid to show emotions, care for someone and risk truly loving someone again and may that someone preferably be EY.

Still sailing the EunSoo ship! Aja! Fighting!

With that I’ll leave you for now with this awesome fanvid collab brought to us by DontBeABetch55Vids@YT.


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