Coffee House: The Final Voyage of the EunSoo Ship (Part I)

I’m still relishing on this bittersweet moment of my kdrama life. Kdrama gods do listen to the prayers of us mere kdrama mortals. How I just love feel good happy endings! 🙂

It took me almost by the end of the week to put into words how I felt of the finale of this charmingly demented drama, that is, Coffee House.

Here it goes…

When the EunSoo ship passed by Cuckoo Island, it had been badly damaged that it held off some time while repairs were carried out with the help of a pro shipwright by the name of SY before it can eventually take off the island for its final voyage back home to the CH empire.

My oh my! What a crazy troubled trip it has been! The entire journey was a chockfull of ambiguity that you’d probably need a therapist to assure you that it’s just a drama and doesn’t happen in real life…or does it?

First off, I was so excited watching the scene where it left off in EP16. Yeah, we already know what JS said to JW in that phone call, but did not mind having to repeat watching it. I liked the way how confident JS sounded this time when he was talking to JW that whatever happy expression JW had was soon  wiped away by worry and why not, right? JW sure had a lot to worry about.

In not so many words, JS might have just told him… Continue reading


Coffee House: One Giveaway To Go

That sure was some finale, right?

Pardon me for being late in my post as I’m still not so feeling well. Anyways, watching the finale somehow served as some sort of medication, never mind that I’m squealing again for the nth time during the handshake proposal scene causing me to cough out loud too. 🙂

I’ll write about my thoughts on that luckily by tomorrow if not by Friday.

I’m glad that many participated in the polls and although there’s only very few who joined the giveaway contest, I had fun reading the entries specially from crazygurl. 🙂

With this short post, I just wanted to congratulate the winner of the Coffee House OST complete with Photobook + 4 Photos, yenskay. Expect an email from me for the shipping details of the item you have won.

Now, let’s see how accurate yenskay’s entry was:

1. SY will be given due recognition by the station for bringing JS to the station. She will have her raise in terms of salary. then she recalls how JS told her to become a writer and how she needs to go to galapagos if she wants to write the novel. SY will then decide to quit her job at the station, and leave for galapagos to start on her novel.

Somehow, true. SY did go to Galapagos though courtesy of JS

2. JW who will try his hardest to hold on to EY will no longer turn a blind eye and will accept the sad truth that EY does not really love him and he will learn to let go at the very last minute. Afterwards, he will be hiring a lot of female workers, hahaha.

Mostly true, except for the hiring of female workers ’cause I think he quit his job and got a new job at another company instead and met the blonde director with whom he’s hitting on at their first meeting.

3. JS will finally tell EY he loves her when he goes to her house via the delivery man costume. However, EY will still remain her ground and cries instead to tell him, she needs to proceed with the marriage. EY will assure JS he will always be close to her heart, hehehe.

Mostly true. JS went to EY’s house as a doctor and friend to EY and in implied words somehow EY admitted her feelings to JS and she did push through with the wedding the following day.

4. JS will try to retreat after EY turns him down but changes his mind, and stop the wedding at all costs.

Halfway true. JS right after talking to EY the night he first visited her in EP17 already set up his “protect EY’s happiness plan” in motion.

5. JS and EY will ultimately end up with each other. And for the remaining of the last minutes of Episode 18, we will be treated to happy EunSoo moments – third kiss + bedscene included, hehehe.

True. Happy EunSoo moments in the remaining last few minutes and of course the PG-rated bed scene with the rocking chair and some wine movement in the glass (Whew!) and that lovely kiss by the sunset.

Hope everyone sticks around as I’ll post more CH related thoughts in the following days. 🙂

Ciao for now!

Cuckoo House: The Day When the Ship Almost Sank

I’ve been delaying writing this post for sometime already. It must have been the lingering effects of EP15 that followed me all through Nirvana Land.

EP15 was like a huge earthquake that rocked EunSoo Land causing huge waves across the EunSoo waters almost enough to have sunk the EunSoo ship. Aftershocks of which were felt across the CH empire causing havoc to devoted EunSoo citizens, among those of which I admit includes yours truly.

I was agitated alright and just had to air my less than desirable probably nasty remarks like…

I was so irritated at her for doing that! She told DW that she’s dating JS and even showing off the ring. What was she thinking?

Oh and the writer and PD sure know how to do fan service. JS/EY had 2 kisses so JS/SY had 2 kisses as well. Duh?

Anyways, JS/EY’s were the real KISS.

I’m so not liking the direction where SY’s character is going. Continue reading

Some Coffee House Finale Fun…

As Coffee House draws to a close next week…finally, I have prepared something to somehow tide away all the anxieties that goes with it.

I’ve decided on another poll to let you guys choose at least the end pairing that you think may eventually materialize at the culmination of this crazy drama. You can select one or a combination of any three of the choices provided.

Have fun!

And since it’s my birthday today (plus I’m still in Nirvana), as an added bonus for those who love to stretch their imagination, one person will have the chance to own a Coffee House souvenir to cherish and serve as sort of a remembrance of how obsessed we were with this drama. An original Coffee House OST complete with Photobook + 4 Photos will be up for grabs for that person who’ll come up with the nearest concept of what the finale would be like. You can post your entries in the comments section. Deadline will be July 27 12:00AM US PDT.

Crazy Over Coffee …

I don’t know why but I was so hesitant watching EP14 with subs probably because watching it raw was already heartbreaking and now having seen it with the subs makes it even more so. :( :tears:

Start rant…

– When the ring fell, my heart almost stopped beating. For me it felt like the ring was doing an emotional outburst in behalf of what JS felt when he saw EY in a wedding dress. It’s as if it’s calling out to EY that he’s back for her.

– Oh and the convo when JS was unzipping EY had a lot of underlying message there. She maybe talking about JW but what she’s saying was actually directed to JS all throughout.

..I told him to wait…I wanted him to give up but he really stuck it out (She actually means that she wished JS could have told her to wait for him and she will gladly oblige. She hoped that JS did not leave and stuck it out with her amidst his so called “illness”.)

…I thought I would get a right match by the 50th time but after 70, I got anxious. You know he’s really stubborn (Meaning at some point, she’s still halfway positive that he’ll return for her but then as time went by although it was not easy for her, she sort of accepted that maybe JS won’t be back after all because JS doesn’t want to allow her to be part of his life.)

…Using all my willpower to get through these 100 times but whilst I was just watching myself from the sidelines, I was getting old…What can I do about that foolish man? (Means, she was just going through all the motions of living yet not living but still getting old and that was the time that she made a decision to try really hard to forget him because it will be too foolish of her to hold onto him)

– Now when they went out for dinner. It was such another heart wrenching moment. The way JS just ate and ate it’s like Continue reading

Coffee House: A Poll

Just 2 days more and it’s EP11 already. I wonder what’s in store for us then. I read the previews and so not liking it. It seems that with the coming 2 episodes I’m going to miss the light-hearted interaction between JS and EY. For me, the best episodes so far is still 8 with 9 coming on a very close second.

Speaking of episodes, I’ve come up with a poll on what’s the best Coffee House episode/s so far. Originally, I only included episode 5 onwards because it was on that episode where things really got interesting for me. However, decided to encompass all the episodes. You can select as many as you want if you’re favoring many episodes. 🙂

Coffee House: A Tale of the EunSoo Ship

I’m sharing a comment that was posted in Dramabeans made by pipit .

It was so beautifully written that it really tugs in your heartstrings. Yes, it even made me cry. It was such an awesome well done insightful take on JinSoo’s feelings towards EunYoung.  Bravo!

Here it goes:

Despite all that happened (the heart breaking scenes) between Eun Young and Jin Soo, I’m more convinced than ever that Jin Soo is really in love with Eun Young. I mean really, really in love with her. His love is definitely THE LOVE that exists when man falls in love with a woman.

This is what we should know first in order to understand CH and Jin Soo better:

CH is not about how the hero and heroine fall for each other but rather of how they come to terms with their emotions. So stop expecting or questioning when the romance is to begin. We wouldn’t see the process of how Jin Soo falls in love with Eun Young because he has already loved her for a very long time. He was already in love with her when he introduced JW to her. And he was still very much in love with her when he married her best friend!

He more than other people understands very well what Eun Young said when she told him: ‘Although I always smile and look cheerful it doesn’t mean that I don’t get hurt’. No one knows better than him Continue reading