Some Coffee House Tough Love…

As the countdown to Coffee House episode 9 closes in. I’ve just finished re-watching all 8 episodes. Here’s  some thoughts that just came to mind whilst watching it for the 3rd time around.



– It just clicked to me that while SY was just getting there (meaning, beginning to be as “abnormal” as JS is as seen from the sort of JS-mirror effect that EP4 implies), EY on the other hand is already there. From the conversation that EY and JS had in the phone booth in EP8, EY pointed out to JS that she’s become abnormal too ’cause she keeps on going out of her way to conform to his ways. I remember a scene wherein even SY notices how similarly unusual the two were and concluded that it’s not a wonder EY-JS are friends. The only difference between the so-called “abnormality” between EY and JS is that for EY she’s still somehow grounded to reality. She can somehow switch that “abnormality” ON/OFF button because so far as what the story told us, she has no heavy baggage to carry unlike JS (divorced, wife died after divorce). I believe EY’s abnormality ON button gets triggered only when JS is around or in response to something that JS did. Unlike EY, SY’s “abnormality” has become an always “ON” button ’cause she’s always seeking JS’ approval such that even if JS is no longer around her actions already at certain points somehow mirror (imitate) those of JS.



– JS’ peculiarity (indifference with a dash of being a hard to please OCD)  is actually his defense mechanism against letting his feelings for EY be shown. There’s actually a lot of scenes wherein he shows how he cares for EY but for every caring act that he does for her, he later on does an about face. He does his peculiar escape mechanism avoiding her presence (going out somewhere, making excuses, etc). However, it’s quite ironic that when he misses her company (or at least that’s what I believe), he does that same peculiar escape mechanism because he seeks her attention. Now since he does that either way (probably for 10 years already since she’s known EY), it became second skin to him that it already became part of him. Now you’ll probably be asking if he’s had feelings for EY, why not confess before and why marry EY’s friend. That’s actually my third point.



– As usual as all stories go, timing is the most likely culprit. His sunbae Jiwon made a move first on EY and out of respect for his sunbae he backed off. Now why would he marry EY’s friend if he’s had feelings for EY all along? I’m thinking that if he couldn’t get EY having EY’s friend as girlfriend and later on as wife is as close as he can get to being with EY herself. He’ll always come across with EY maybe on most if not all occasions/circumstances. You know the same tragic  course that Prince Lee Chang Hwi faced when Yi Nok chose Hong Gil Dong. I recall that Chang Hwi said to Yi Nok that even they’re not together because Hong Gil Dong and him are traveling the same path it’s like they’re together in some way. I know it’s kinda selfish on his part but I do think that somehow he at least cares a bit for his dead ex-wife ’cause I believe his ex-wife does not know and I’m assuming that somewhere in the future episodes the reason as to his wife’s death (rumored suicide) will be known and I’m speculating that his ex-wife (EY’s friend) somehow knew about JS feelings for EY that led to their divorce and later on her death which is the reason why he believes it’s his fault that his wife died.



– Obviously JS has that more than a caring friend feeling towards EY. Come on would someone who just care for someone take into action an elaborate stalker lie for the benefit of someone in this case EY (as his present for EY’s birthday)? Unless of course that person is borderline crazy. But in JS’ case, he may be a bit on the borderline crazy persona but crazy people don’t care who benefits from their actions. He does, so pulling a bit of a complex stunt like that spells LOVE in my book. Hahaha! (Okay, probably I’m crazy, too!) So, if JS has feelings for EY what’s stopping him from crossing that line? Simple answer, the usual I’m afraid that I’ll hurt her because I’ve hurt someone before. In short, he’s still carrying that excessive baggage and he needs to let that go in order for his EY defense mechanism to falter for good and open that door of possibility for them.



– Now, if this story actually has EY and JS end up together why make that confusing storyline between JS and SY? Actually, SY’s character doesn’t only serve as the 3rd party that seem to wedge between our JS & EY couple but she’s also a tool a sort of wake up call to JS to stop what he’s doing and just be true to his feelings for EY, no if’s or but’s about it. Probably we’ll get to know how SY’s character will affect our EunSoo couple in future episodes.



Last but not least, feel free to comment. I’m a JS-EY shipper but I welcome if ever JS gets to end up with SY for as long as the reason that they’ll get to end up together is a logical one. Note I did not say realistic (’cause realistic for me would be JS-EY) but at least logical in the flow of the future episodes that will unfold before us.




3 thoughts on “Some Coffee House Tough Love…

  1. Interesting. You should join us at the soompi thread and post your analysis.

    I hope that EY really had nothing to do with his divorce because I think that will really make it a bit too melodramatic. His wife dies because of his feelings for EY so won’t he feel very guilty if he decides to be with her? That’s why I just hope her death is unrelated to the EY/JS relationship because that’s one huge obstacle.

    For me, the ideal story would be that, although he did have feelings for her, and we know he did because I believe that flashback scene should be taken literally – JS and EY are together but JW jumps in between them and pushes JS aside. JS then smiles at them (gives them his blessing). Anyway, I would like to think that he did move on from his feelings for EY and have a proper marriage with his wife. Yes, it failed but that’s part of life. But later on, the feelings were rekindled.

    And I agree that JS has some really deep feelings for EY – most likely love -and he’s forcing himself not to act on them, although he couldn’t help it when it came to that kiss. lol. I really look forward to seeing how he eventually allows himself to get past the barriers he’s set up.

  2. Yes, just like you, i myself also EY/JS shipper. It could be true that JS feels guilty about the death of his ex-wife. That’s why even he has feeling for EY but he can let the past go. So many things has kept him from admitting his feeling. I think SY’s character later is going to be the one who help JS realize that EY is the most important one to him. He can’t lose her no matter what and he is willing to let the past go. To be honest, I don’t think i can be able to accept the fact that JS and SY will be together at the end. Doesn’t matter it’s logical or not. But i just hope that will never happen. To me, JS and EY are a perfect couple throughout the whole series.

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