Miss You Like Crazy…

Oh, how I miss writing something here! I guess the slump has something to do with having no Coffee House for what seem to be an endless two weeks. Okay, I made a promise to myself that I’ll only start watching Coffee House once episode 9 airs already but apparently that was an Epic Fail on my part. I “almost” managed to succeed what with watching Kang Ji Hwan’s old dramas during the past two weeks but then I saw this fanvid that was so apt for our EunSoo couple (Yep, EY-JS shipper all the way!). I guess that was one of the reasons that urged me to watch Coffee House despite avoiding it for so many weeks already. 🙂 Or, it might also be the fact that probably bits and pieces of the story is somewhat closer to home for me. I swear I think I played this fanvid more than a hundred times already! Then out of nowhere I just went cuckoo (LOL) and tagged most of the pics I had with this guy friend (that I realized whom I “liked” more than as a friend) and it just amazes me how many pics we had together through the years (either just us or us in a group). And while I’m at it, I went to his FB wall also and discovered some group pics with me in it as well. 🙂 Oh, and yes, this guy friend does wear glasses too! I wonder if he will be able to read this. Haha! Anyways, here’s the MV.





Cr: ch0uxpastryheart2@YT



Now, speaking of going cuckoo, I spent my last weekend watching Capital Scandal once again with my mom. It was the first Kang Ji Hwan drama that I watched almost 3 years ago that drove me to become a KJH fan up to now. I still clearly remember Woo Wan and Yeo Kyeong’s coincidental first meeting at the train station wherein Yeo Kyeong spoke the secret code; cuckoo of which Wan’s response was the relevantly valid, “Maybe it already flew from it’s nest”. I never watch those period types of dramas ’cause I find anything related to history boring and dreadful (Probably stemming from my dislike of History class way back in highschool). However, the story involves a bet, so it’s quite interesting how that bet figures in the love story amidst a rising rebellion. I so enjoyed watching it! It has all the elements of comedy (though a bit slapstick), romance, action, intrigue all rolled into one drama. To top it off they managed to balance all these elements so well. The transition from one dramatic scene to a comedic one looks effortless. Last but not least, of course, the oh so mesmerizing portrayal of a carefree hurting wayward playboy slash reluctant hero by Kang Ji Hwan. You’ve just got to watch this fanvid that captures the brilliance of Capital Scandal.





Cr: CharlieSprings@YT



Since, I’m totally so missing KJH the past two weeks during that first week I took solace in Hong Gil Dong, despite it’s much less desired ending. Yes, up to now I still felt cheated of the ending. Why  couldn’t they just get back at the beginning of the story? Sigh. 😦
With Hong Gil Dong, KJH perfected that reluctant hero persona. It was such a joy watching him! Again, I don’t watch sageuk types of dramas but this one’s an exception all because of KJH. I know I’m so biased, can’t help it. Let’s reminisce the drama of Hong Gil Dong with this beautiful fanvid.





Cr: lovelymummy211@YT

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