It’s such a coincidence that Dramabeans released an article about Fans speculate about Prosecutor Princess Season 2 and there I was contemplating on actually writing a fanfic about it. Basically, here’s the gist of what it may contain. I also wrote this as comment in the said article in Dramabeans.

“It starts off with MHR and SIW having a fabulous wedding at the ski lodge where they first met.

The conflict part would come in perhaps in an unfavorable circumstance for MHR’s parents such that they would have no choice  but to live with MHR and SIW temporarily. Old wounds gets opened etc….

A new guy very-like MHR in the beginning gets hired as one of the prosecutors and somehow gets infatuated with MHR and similar like MHR is clueless that she has a husband already. Jenny gets a case that unfortunately was assigned to this MHR-like new prosecutor guy. IW gets wind of this case, he plots with Jenny again to make this new prosecutor guy fall for Jenny so that the new prosecutor guy would leave MHR alone. When MHR finds about this, she gets angry and leaves their home and temporarily lives with SJ and JS. SIW soughts SJ’s help. They bond. MHR also has thing bonding thing with JS and Jenny. There the women find out that MHR was pregnant, hence the mood swings, etc. MHR and SIW patch things up and a few months later MHR goes into labor and had twins — a boy and a girl.”

What do you think?


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