What’s Up?

First and foremost, thanks to all those who visited and commented in my very first attempt on making an episode recap for a KDrama.

It’s kind of overwhelming and for that I love you all! 🙂

With that, I’m continuing with the succeeding recaps for My Country Calls. Yay!

I think I’ve found a systematic way of doing the recaps so that at least in 2 weeks time hopefully I’ll be able to catch up on the latest episodes.

Right now, I’ve finished with the snapshots until episode 4 so I’m quite positive I can at least be able to do 2 recaps provided no sudden urgent tasks (aka work) come my way this weekend. 🙂

For now, (Yes, still with the Prosecutor Princess withdrawal), I’ll leave you with a PP fanvid featuring Gummy’s latest single “As A Man”.

I like the melody and beat of the song, plus of course, Gummy’s voice! She’s just a terrific singer! Her voice always sounds the same either live, in an MV or when you play her CD. That’s how great she is!

Cr: enchantique@YT


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