Any Which Way

After having finished watching (and yes re-watching) Prosecutor Princess, I now find it difficult to find new dramas worth watching. I was thinking of trying Coffee House which by reading the recaps looks delightful to watch but then I want to wait until the 6th episode has aired and has already been recapped, if I want to push into that direction.

While in the lookout for a new drama that will fill my drama void now that Prosecutor Princess has ended, I decided that instead of just watching one that piques my interest, why not write an episode recap too. It’ll be a new experience for me plus hopefully others will enjoy and be encouraged of watching the drama as well.

Just like that my quest has begun. I searched Soompi and Viikii threads for new dramas that I might like, and I came upon my final choice, that is, My Country Calls (Yes, I know that the title is a bit trite). Anyways, I set aside two nights in a row to watch the the 6 episodes and personally, I liked it. The story seems cliched in a lot of ways but there’s some little surprises along the way that made watching it quite entertaining for me.

More or less I should be able to get started on it this weekend. For now, I’ll leave you with this short drama teaser.

Credits: KBSWorldi@YouTube


3 thoughts on “Any Which Way

  1. i rewatched PP too and i tried watching my country calls. it’s not quite PP but some scenes are really funny. but then i got a bit bored esp since i kept wanting to watch PP again. now im thinking whether i should resume watching my country calls.

  2. @yourasthma I totally can relate to what you feel. I miss PP too much, that’s why I encouraged myself to do an episode recap for MCC so that I’ll watch it. LOL 🙂 So far, I find MCC fun to watch at some instances, but not in the same league as PP but I believe I can settle for this.
    I’m still in a personal debate whether I’ll watch CH since I’m not really a fan of idols going into the acting route…well except if it’s Siwon!

  3. Hi! I am exactly on the same situation as you, hard to pass over Prosecutor Princess, and this week Cidnerella Unni (too sad for me, but as i have begin to watch it I must finish it!) is ending this week.
    Last week end, I search about another good drama and fall for My Country Calls, which is funny & interesting.
    Keep on ! See U on Soompi & Viki !

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