Just Because…

Still with the happy endorphins here! Listening to Super Junior’s 4JIB and watching fanvids made for Prosecutor Princess surely makes my day complete!

Anyways, just want to make this short and sweet! Just want to share with you this absolutely awesome Super Junior Miinah (Bonamana) Collab Cover by Yoonha85 and Pumashock. For those who’s not familiar with them, Yoonha Hwang is a pianist who plays by ear, meaning without piano sheets (Kinda reminds me of Nodame from the Japanese manga Nodame Cantabile) and does KPOP and POP covers of famous artists. On the other hand, Natalie White aka Pumashock has been recently known due to her KPOP remix covers.

Credits:Yoonha85TV@YouTube and Pumashock@YouTube

Moving on to my happy pill of the day, I just found this wonderful fanvid! This fanvid amazingly combined my two faves, Super Junior’s My All Is In You (song from their 4JIB) and Prosecutor Princess! What a great combo! It’s about letting go though you really don’t want to say goodbye.  In Prosecutor Princess, In Woo doesn’t really want to let go of Hye Ri but since he’s made a promise to Hye Ri’s dad he has no choice but to fulfill that promise. On Hye Ri’s side of the fence, it was hard to be with the man (In Woo) who somehow indirectly caused her family’s (particularly her father’s) downfall. The In-Hye couple had so many memories together which makes it more difficult to let go. Hence, the song really suits them perfectly.

You be the judge. Watch the fanvid then see the drama! 🙂

Credits: charisnovaX@YouTube


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