It’s Been Awhile…

Well, I’m back or that’s what I think. I’ve been sort of on hiatus for gosh… a month and a half! Well a lot of things happened! It’s a given that work occupied most of my days  but then Super Junior happened…that is Super Junior Super Show 2!  I’m still in withdrawal mode over that, when now they’re back on their 4JIB with Miinah (Bonomana). I can’t help but have a spaz attack over their new album specially when I’m actually hearing my name (okay, my nickname..Mina) when they’re singing the song! Sorry, fangirl mode here! See and hear for yourself. It’s just daebak!

Then I’ve been hooked on Oh! My Lady, because my fave Siwon stars in it well aside from Chae Rim who I adore as well. Plus, they casted that cute lovable little girl who stole everyone’s hearts!

Last but not least, I’ve been so captivated (okay, bordering on obsessed) by Prosecutor Princess which I came upon luckily while reading Oh! My Lady recaps at Dramabeans. I gave it a try after reading episodes 1-6 recaps and before I knew it by episode 7, I was already watching it live streaming with no subtitles at all! Yes, that’s how engrossed I became of this drama! I just love, love, love everything about it! The story, the cast specially the two main leads and the fashion!. Being some sort of a shoeholic myself, I’m just so fascinated with Hye Ri’s shoes! Not to mention, I was blown away by Kim So Yeon’s portrayal of Ma Hye Ri! Now, I can’t even imagine that she was that kickass agent in IRIS.  Plus, who can deny the oozing Park Shi Hoo and Kim So Yeon chemistry? It even made stalking look perfectly delightfully cute and reasonably acceptable! I won’t tell the ending but a little spoiler though. Nothing can go wrong with muffins, Wonder Woman coupon, the alarm clock thingy, photo together and of course, the kiss!

I hope everyone will try and see this drama. It’s just so underrated!


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