Missin’ You

I’ve been missing out on posting updates lately, so really sorry about that ’cause work just kept on coming. It’s like I’m forever working on a current project and yet I’ve managed to finish an urgent one and almost 2/3 way through another one.

And did I forget to mention, I’m still not over You’re Beautiful and Smile, You. I’ve been playing their OST’s over and over again in the car that my brother can’t help but beg me to just turn on the radio for once. 🙂

When he does that, it’s one of those days I wish I could drive. It’s not that I don’t know how but more like I can’t ’cause I haven’t renewed my driver’s license yet and I’m not used to driving a mini MPV, so, I’m relying on the goodness of my brother’s heart to drive me to and from the office.

So enough of that, while waiting for the pizza delivery earlier this afternoon, as it takes 30-45 minutes of delivery time, I decided to type away to my heart’s content and finished 2 chapters. Wohooo!!!

I just wasn’t able to post it right away since my laptop is hanging up on me and afterwards my wireless has gone wacko with it. Anyway, here they are for your reading pleasure.

  • Chapter 20: Illusions
  • Chapter 21: Green Day
  • On another note, of course, my post won’t be complete without some fanvid comments. Again, don’t hate me, I really am a Taylor Swift fan despite my age (I’m on my early 30’s) so this fanvid that I found used her song “The Way I Loved You”. The one thing I really love in this video is how cleverly it used the scenes from Shining Inheritance (Brilliant Legacy) as it differentiates Eun Sung’s feelings/perception towards Woo Hwan and Jun Se.  You just got to see for yourself in order to appreciate it.

    Fanvid Credits: queencofbrooklyn @ YouTube


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