Fallin’…there’s no other feeling

I felt really bad that I wasn’t able to update this blog for more than a week. 😦

I tried but being swamped with work just got in the way. 😦 Well, that and some last minute wedding preps, too.  

My friend finally got hitched last Tuesday. It was such a beautiful wedding! I just couldn’t describe it in words ’cause probably it’ll end up so mushy. To Jane and Robert, again my congratulations and best wishes to both of you! 🙂

During the wedding reception, there was this AVP with the both of them and I was just surprised that the song used was one of my fave songs too….it’s Accidentally in Love!

Since then, this song kept playing on my mind and I’ve found myself humming to it, sometimes in the elevator that people can’t help but stare at crazy me. 🙂 

Luckily, once more I found a fanvid using this song, so I indulged myself and played it over and over again. It’s such a coincidence that here I am just mooning over both the song and wedding and then suddenly coming across with a fanvid that had intro scenes from a movie relatively titled “Wedding Game”. As a bonus, it even had scenes from my fave kdramas, You’re Beautiful and Smile, You. 

So, while I’m typing away to my next 2-3 chapters to make up for my lack of update, you can just watch and enjoy this fanvid which just goes to show that truly, there’s no other comparable feeling like falling in love.

          Fanvid Credits: everlastingblissmep @ YouTube


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