Bye, Bye

Nope, I’m not saying goodbye to you all. I’m just expressing my farewell to one of my beloved kdrama – Smile, You. Unlike the other dramas I’ve seen, this one I can truly relate to, so I’m surely going to miss it a lot. How time flies when you’re having fun watching this witty and adorable series! The scenes between the main couple is just magical and sometimes unexpectedly captivating. The drama had such a heartwarming ending. I’m so glad haraboji did not die. Besides that, there’s the kids wearing the patent Kang family tracksuit (So cute!). It truly deserves and aptly so to be called – Smile, You!

Here’s a fanvid of one of my favorite songs in the Smile, You OST. The song is somewhat sad and yet it tells you to be hopeful that yes, today you may have lost your Love (even how one-sided it may have been) but someday, another Love…will take it’s place, one which is the true and happy forever after kind. Just as what came to pass between Hyun Soo and Jung In before they wind up together as shown from the fanvid.

Fanvid Credits: Gryzek5mv @ YouTube


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