Missin’ You

I’ve been missing out on posting updates lately, so really sorry about that ’cause work just kept on coming. It’s like I’m forever working on a current project and yet I’ve managed to finish an urgent one and almost 2/3 way through another one.

And did I forget to mention, I’m still not over You’re Beautiful and Smile, You. I’ve been playing their OST’s over and over again in the car that my brother can’t help but beg me to just turn on the radio for once. 🙂

When he does that, it’s one of those days I wish I could drive. It’s not that I don’t know how but more like I can’t ’cause I haven’t renewed my driver’s license yet and I’m not used to driving a mini MPV, so, I’m relying on the goodness of my brother’s heart to drive me to and from the office.

So enough of that, while waiting for the pizza delivery earlier this afternoon, as it takes 30-45 minutes of delivery time, I decided to type away to my heart’s content and finished 2 chapters. Wohooo!!!

I just wasn’t able to post it right away since my laptop is hanging up on me and afterwards my wireless has gone wacko with it. Anyway, here they are for your reading pleasure.

  • Chapter 20: Illusions
  • Chapter 21: Green Day
  • On another note, of course, my post won’t be complete without some fanvid comments. Again, don’t hate me, I really am a Taylor Swift fan despite my age (I’m on my early 30’s) so this fanvid that I found used her song “The Way I Loved You”. The one thing I really love in this video is how cleverly it used the scenes from Shining Inheritance (Brilliant Legacy) as it differentiates Eun Sung’s feelings/perception towards Woo Hwan and Jun Se.  You just got to see for yourself in order to appreciate it.

    Fanvid Credits: queencofbrooklyn @ YouTube


    Fallin’…there’s no other feeling

    I felt really bad that I wasn’t able to update this blog for more than a week. 😦

    I tried but being swamped with work just got in the way. 😦 Well, that and some last minute wedding preps, too.  

    My friend finally got hitched last Tuesday. It was such a beautiful wedding! I just couldn’t describe it in words ’cause probably it’ll end up so mushy. To Jane and Robert, again my congratulations and best wishes to both of you! 🙂

    During the wedding reception, there was this AVP with the both of them and I was just surprised that the song used was one of my fave songs too….it’s Accidentally in Love!

    Since then, this song kept playing on my mind and I’ve found myself humming to it, sometimes in the elevator that people can’t help but stare at crazy me. 🙂 

    Luckily, once more I found a fanvid using this song, so I indulged myself and played it over and over again. It’s such a coincidence that here I am just mooning over both the song and wedding and then suddenly coming across with a fanvid that had intro scenes from a movie relatively titled “Wedding Game”. As a bonus, it even had scenes from my fave kdramas, You’re Beautiful and Smile, You. 

    So, while I’m typing away to my next 2-3 chapters to make up for my lack of update, you can just watch and enjoy this fanvid which just goes to show that truly, there’s no other comparable feeling like falling in love.

              Fanvid Credits: everlastingblissmep @ YouTube

    Here and There

    It’s official. Now, I’m not only in withdrawal over You’re Beautiful but also from Smile, You!
    How I wish that they’ll be releasing a DVD for Smile, You as well. I know, it’s kinda wishing for the stars, it’s 45 episodes after all, but it’s 45 worthy of watching episodes. For those who haven’t seen this series, you just have to add it to your watch list. 🙂

    Let’s see, I’ve come up with Chapter 19 this time amidst all the busy schedule. Yey me. 🙂

    Chapter 19: Pandora’s Box

    Bye, Bye

    Nope, I’m not saying goodbye to you all. I’m just expressing my farewell to one of my beloved kdrama – Smile, You. Unlike the other dramas I’ve seen, this one I can truly relate to, so I’m surely going to miss it a lot. How time flies when you’re having fun watching this witty and adorable series! The scenes between the main couple is just magical and sometimes unexpectedly captivating. The drama had such a heartwarming ending. I’m so glad haraboji did not die. Besides that, there’s the kids wearing the patent Kang family tracksuit (So cute!). It truly deserves and aptly so to be called – Smile, You!

    Here’s a fanvid of one of my favorite songs in the Smile, You OST. The song is somewhat sad and yet it tells you to be hopeful that yes, today you may have lost your Love (even how one-sided it may have been) but someday, another Love…will take it’s place, one which is the true and happy forever after kind. Just as what came to pass between Hyun Soo and Jung In before they wind up together as shown from the fanvid.

    Fanvid Credits: Gryzek5mv @ YouTube

    Odds and Ends

    I woke up late and I was supposed to have lunch with my friends today! Thank goodness for one of my friends who sent me text messages reminding me that we’ll meet in half an hour. So, I was rushing but then I found out that my brother hasn’t arrived yet. He was supposed to drive me to my friend’s place ’cause it was sooooo hot outside. It’s so not a good way to start the day. I’m just grateful that despite the small mishaps, it was a fun day at least.

    In as much as I would like to put up another chapter, my mind’s just in a jumble right now. Anyway, I have posted Chapter 18 yesterday so enjoy reading it for the time being. 🙂

    Chapter 18: At Wits’ End

    For now, I’ll leave you with one of the fanvids I love for the drama Smile, You. The fanvid just rocks! I may not know that much in creating vids but for me this is one of the best! I admire how the scenes, the colors, the transitions and everything were executed fitting perfectly with the song.

    Fanvid Credits: dayXstar @ YouTube

    At Long Last…

    I came home from work and got a very nice surprise. Tada! My very own You’re Beautiful Director’s Cut DVD set has finally been delivered. Wohoooo! How I wish it’s weekend already so that I can get to watch everything all over again. 🙂

    Here’s a snapshot of it. I did not include the picture of the poster since it was already shown in You’re Beautiful Director’s Cut DVD Blog.