One and Three

Yes, I’m finally through with Chapter 12.

Chapter 12: On Pins and More Needles

I was supposed to finish it last night when the so called writer’s block kicked in together with my darn insomnia.

So to while away my time, I just went on watching fanvids on YouTube.

I really enjoy watching fanvids,  not only you get to listen to probably some nifty music but you get to set eyes on usually your most favored scenes in those dramas. It’s like you get to see the drama all over again without entirely watching it.

And that’s when I happen to caught sight of this awesome fanvid. Awesome, because one gets to see all 3 versions of one drama in just one video.  The drama I’m talking about here is none other than Hana Yori Dango, Meteor Garden and Boys Before Flowers. And Yes, I’ve watched all 3 of them. It was Meteor Garden after all that started my fascination with Asian Dramas.

I applaud QueenC for making this video. I’m sure it really took quite an effort to pull it off. Words can’t describe how much in awe I am. The song used, My Life Would Suck Without You by also one of my favorite artists Kelly Clarkson, just fits the storyline of the drama and I’m totally amazed with the clips used too as it unveils different versions of similar scenes in the drama. How cool is that!

So here it is. Enjoy!

Fanvid Credits: queencofbrooklyn @ YouTube


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