Some Smile, You …

Yeah, I know. I’m sort of way behind my posting of Chapter 12.

I can’t help it but I got distracted by episode 39 of Smile, You. I’ve been watching it over and over again.

Our Soo-In couple has finally come full circle. At long last, they got married. Hooray!

It’s such a wonderful episode. I cried then laughed and cried laughing at the end. Guess you have to watch it to know exactly what I mean.

The last scene of the episode was definitely a tough act to follow.

I wonder what the writers will think of next. Yes, there’s still 6 more episodes to go. 🙂

Oh and did I mention how I just love weddings! I fondly remember attending this wedding where all the songs played out in the background were all kdrama theme songs. 🙂

Still about weddings, one of my best friends’s getting married this March. So, best wishes to my dear friend Jane and congratulations to Robert as well!

And, lest I forget, here’s a fanvid of one of my fave kdrama couple, next only to Tae Kyung and Mi Nam, of course. 

In episode 39, this song “Vis a Vis” by Melo Breeze was played when they kissed and then we’re shown glimpses of flashbacks of how their relationship unfolded from apathy, hate, concern then love. I love how this song captivates the feeling of nostalgia of what our couple went through before they ended up together.

Also, on the last minute and a half of the video, you’ll see how funny the writers are in putting our couple in such an adorably comical situation. A bit of spoiler: It’s supposed to be their first kiss as a couple and guess what happens…

Fanvid Credits: apduy @ YouTube


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