This and That …

Thank God it’s Friday!

I’m done with Chapter 10 finally.

Chapter 10: The Ties that Bind

It’s been almost 2 days that I’ve had a chapter out but one’s got to work and all that jazz. 🙂 

Before I forget, I’d like to thank a close friend of mine. Yes, it’s you Brian.

He’s the one who suggested that I start this blog thing what with all my nudging him to read all my comments that I’ve posted out there about the kdramas I’ve seen of late. I’ve come to realize that I’ve got my personal A.N.Jell in him. He’s sometimes stoic as Tae Kyung, can be charming and mature as Shin Woo and playful as Jeremy…and this guy can really sing. He’s got this lovely, heart-warming voice after all.

So there goes my shout out for him. I’ll dedicate a chapter to you one of these days. Be patient as you always say. So, just wait and see. 🙂 

Now back to regular programming. As you’ve noticed, I’m fond of sharing with you some fanvids I’ve enjoyed watching. Here’s one, with the song “Accidentally In Love” so befitting of our Tae Kyung and Mi Nam couple, it could have been included in the series OST. 🙂

It takes us in those adorable and delightful scenes of our walking accident zone that goes by the name of Go Mi Nam with our innocent bystander, Tae Kyung.

Fanvid Credits: SummerScentt @ YouTube


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