Something Quick

Just a quick post. In case, you haven’t read yet. 3 Chapters are out already.

  • Chapter 13: Close to You
  • Chapter 14: Up a Blind Alley
  • Chapter 15: Don’t Dream It’s Over
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    3 Weeks

    1500 hits already. It’s been 3 weeks since I’ve started this blog and I’m quite happy that someone’s actually taking their time to read my posts. For that I’m ever so grateful.

    I’m so uber busy right now since I’m handling 2 projects at work, not to mention that they wanted to change formats aside from what’s currently being used now (Sighs). So, I’m unable to update the fanfic yet. Hopefully, by Friday I’ll put out a chapter. I’m just making a quick update…more like venting my frustration over this current project that I have. 🙂

    Anyhow, I would like to share with you this fanvid. Yep, we’re back to You’re Beautiful this time. The song You and I by Park Bom (2NE1) is really nice. It basically sums up what most likely Mi Nam (Mi Nyu) feels towards Tae Kyung if it’s brought into a song.

              Fanvid Credits: apduy @ YouTube

    One and Three

    Yes, I’m finally through with Chapter 12.

    Chapter 12: On Pins and More Needles

    I was supposed to finish it last night when the so called writer’s block kicked in together with my darn insomnia.

    So to while away my time, I just went on watching fanvids on YouTube.

    I really enjoy watching fanvids,  not only you get to listen to probably some nifty music but you get to set eyes on usually your most favored scenes in those dramas. It’s like you get to see the drama all over again without entirely watching it.

    And that’s when I happen to caught sight of this awesome fanvid. Awesome, because one gets to see all 3 versions of one drama in just one video.  The drama I’m talking about here is none other than Hana Yori Dango, Meteor Garden and Boys Before Flowers. And Yes, I’ve watched all 3 of them. It was Meteor Garden after all that started my fascination with Asian Dramas.

    I applaud QueenC for making this video. I’m sure it really took quite an effort to pull it off. Words can’t describe how much in awe I am. The song used, My Life Would Suck Without You by also one of my favorite artists Kelly Clarkson, just fits the storyline of the drama and I’m totally amazed with the clips used too as it unveils different versions of similar scenes in the drama. How cool is that!

    So here it is. Enjoy!

    Fanvid Credits: queencofbrooklyn @ YouTube

    Some Smile, You …

    Yeah, I know. I’m sort of way behind my posting of Chapter 12.

    I can’t help it but I got distracted by episode 39 of Smile, You. I’ve been watching it over and over again.

    Our Soo-In couple has finally come full circle. At long last, they got married. Hooray!

    It’s such a wonderful episode. I cried then laughed and cried laughing at the end. Guess you have to watch it to know exactly what I mean.

    The last scene of the episode was definitely a tough act to follow.

    I wonder what the writers will think of next. Yes, there’s still 6 more episodes to go. 🙂

    Oh and did I mention how I just love weddings! I fondly remember attending this wedding where all the songs played out in the background were all kdrama theme songs. 🙂

    Still about weddings, one of my best friends’s getting married this March. So, best wishes to my dear friend Jane and congratulations to Robert as well!

    And, lest I forget, here’s a fanvid of one of my fave kdrama couple, next only to Tae Kyung and Mi Nam, of course. 

    In episode 39, this song “Vis a Vis” by Melo Breeze was played when they kissed and then we’re shown glimpses of flashbacks of how their relationship unfolded from apathy, hate, concern then love. I love how this song captivates the feeling of nostalgia of what our couple went through before they ended up together.

    Also, on the last minute and a half of the video, you’ll see how funny the writers are in putting our couple in such an adorably comical situation. A bit of spoiler: It’s supposed to be their first kiss as a couple and guess what happens…

    Fanvid Credits: apduy @ YouTube

    This and That …

    Thank God it’s Friday!

    I’m done with Chapter 10 finally.

    Chapter 10: The Ties that Bind

    It’s been almost 2 days that I’ve had a chapter out but one’s got to work and all that jazz. 🙂 

    Before I forget, I’d like to thank a close friend of mine. Yes, it’s you Brian.

    He’s the one who suggested that I start this blog thing what with all my nudging him to read all my comments that I’ve posted out there about the kdramas I’ve seen of late. I’ve come to realize that I’ve got my personal A.N.Jell in him. He’s sometimes stoic as Tae Kyung, can be charming and mature as Shin Woo and playful as Jeremy…and this guy can really sing. He’s got this lovely, heart-warming voice after all.

    So there goes my shout out for him. I’ll dedicate a chapter to you one of these days. Be patient as you always say. So, just wait and see. 🙂 

    Now back to regular programming. As you’ve noticed, I’m fond of sharing with you some fanvids I’ve enjoyed watching. Here’s one, with the song “Accidentally In Love” so befitting of our Tae Kyung and Mi Nam couple, it could have been included in the series OST. 🙂

    It takes us in those adorable and delightful scenes of our walking accident zone that goes by the name of Go Mi Nam with our innocent bystander, Tae Kyung.

    Fanvid Credits: SummerScentt @ YouTube

    Who Let the Pigs Out?

    I just love watching kdramas! You’ll never know when you’ll get charmed by a stuffed toy used in the series. So let’s see shall we?

    Coming straight from the romantic comedy uproar of My Lovely Sam Soon, this huggable pig can chase your blues away much like it did for our heroine.

    Towering at 55cm, this soft, cutie and adorable pig-nosed rabbit though much more a rabbit than a pig makes you feel as special as Mi Nam is to Tae Kyung.

    Longing for 2009 KDramas

    Yeah, I know it’s 2010 already. Time to move on right?

    Well, I wish it was that easy. 🙂

    So, I’ve devised a little poll here to see which of the 2009 Kdramas most of us crave for until now.